Friday, June 27, 2014

Company on the Porch!

Last summer the back porch was screened in so I would have a place to get fresh air and sunshine. You can read about it here. This summer, we have been busy decorating the porch!

While it is a nice place to perch, the humans need a place to perch too! There are a couple of white plastic chairs on the porch that we've had for years. They just needed a little something to make them more suitable for the space. I think these are a wonderful addition to my porch!


Not only do the chairs look better, they are more comfortable too! As a bonus, they look like ME!  Marcia was inspired to make chair covers from a picture she saw on the internet.  That chair had been painted. Marcia's not handy with paint, but she can make almost anything out of fabric.  She searched and searched for a suitable pattern and found one on Etsy.

I was more than happy to be the model for the design on the chairs.  She used machine appliqué to make the design out of various pieces of fabric.

I like the end result! I'm giving it a final inspection.

Marcia also thought it would be nice to have something on the wall too.  She has a friend named Angie who makes beautiful jewelry out of pretty stones and wire. In fact, her business name is Weirdly Wired Jewelry. Angie can be found on Facebook too! Marcia commissioned her make this copper wire design for me, and then Jeff mounted it on a piece of old wood.  I just LOVE IT!  Thank you Angie!

My play area is growing too!

It takes me a little more time to get used to new things.  I enjoy perching on my play perch, and I do have a boing and a swing that hangs from the ceiling.

 As time goes on, I'll have more perches and toys hung.  There is even talk of a shelf! Oh! That sounds like fun!  I have been told not to get my hopes up for a drawer. That will not happen!

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