Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Drawer - Frequently Asked Questions

My drawer has become very popular these days.  Ever since it made its appearance on YouTube in March of 2008 I've received a lot of questions and comments.

Marcia used to keep kitchen towels in it.  When I decided this was my drawer she found a new place for the towels.  Then came the toys.  In the cabinet below she used to store boxes with Christmas dishes. I started chewing the boxes, so those dishes found a new place too.

A drawer in the kitchen might not be for every parrot.  Some parrots would destroy a wooden drawer.  For some reason I've never chewed hard wood.  I prefer the softer woods and soft plastic.  A lot of you ask the "poop" question.  Well, I have never pooped on the drawer or in the drawer.  I am always given "poop" breaks and taken off the drawer and put on my perch to take "care of  business".

I would spend all day on the drawer if my humans would let me.  But they don't.  I am only allowed when they let me.  The rest of the time I'm either in my cage or on a perch somewhere in the nest.  I really enjoy talking on the drawer too.  Visit my YouTube movies and take a look!

Many of you have asked, how do you keep the drawer open without it closing and squishing me!  The answer  is:  Unigrass 6600 Drawer Slides.  You can find them on the internet, hardware stores, even eBay!  They are inexpensive too.  They are installed on all the drawers in my nest.
Slide mounted on Drawer
Slide mounted in cabinet
Here is a video showing how the slide works.

If you and your human decide that a kitchen drawer might be fun, please remember that safety and supervision must be kept in mind at all times.  Please be aware of electrical cords and remove them from the area.  Kitchens are not the safest places for parrots, so please be careful!