Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Shower Time

I have a pretty good time in the shower. Sometimes like it, other times I tolerate it. They tell me it's good for me, so I'm OK with that. Ever since I posted My Shower Videos on YouTube many people have ask about the perch and the sprayer.

Here are pictures that I want to share so other birdies may have a good time in the shower too!

I don't like the name on this thing, it makes me a little nervous! But it works really good and can be found at any home improvement or garden centers. Not too expensive either. (Maybe the one you find and buy will have a different name on it.)

Just fill it up with warm water, pump it up and spray away.

This Sprayer is used just for me! It never, ever, ever gets filled up with anything but pure water!

Here are pictures of the perch. Jeff made this for me. He is pretty handy when it come to building stuff. It's made out of PVC pipe.

Look at Choo!!! You're All WET!!!!!!