Sunday, July 17, 2011

I need some HELP for some Texas Friends!

There is a small town south of Dallas, called Red Oak, Texas.  Located in Red Oak is a parrot rescue with a heart as BIG AS TEXAS!!!  It's called the Wings of Love Bird Haven. On July 11, 2011 the Wings of Love rescued 35 parrots from a hoarder. The parrots were kept in total darkness, food and water was far from adequate. The filth was beyond description not to mention the vermin infestation. These parrots are now under strict quarantine until testing for communicable diseases can be completed. They are getting clean shelter, clean water, and adequate nutrition. They are also getting blood tests and being seen by Avian Veterinarians.  All of this is not without cost.  Funding is needed to accomplish all that needs to get done. Blood tests and examinations will cost $100.00 per bird. Then there will be aftercare for some of the birds. Food, Toys, etc. will be a continuing cost.  Ultimately, the goal is to place these wonderful birds in Forever Homes with humans who will care for them and give them the love the deserve.

I don't often ask for help, but I'm asking you to GIVE to these birds.  Please put $1.00 in an envelope, address it to Bird Haven PO Box 182 Red Oak, TX 75154.  (If everyone sent just $1.00, the Wings of Love would get over $2,500.00 to help these birds!!!) Please give more if you can. You can also send funds though PayPal via the Wings of Love Donation Page.

Rescued were 2 Macaws, 8 Eclectus, 5 tiels, 1 Quaker, 4 Amazons & 19 Meyers and Senegals.
Here are pictures of some of my new Texan Friends.  

This is Angel.  Angel has severe club-foot. She scoots around on her belly and can’t walk at all. She was found in a nestbox with 30+ eggs in it. (all infertile, as she did not have a mate.) Imagine just how calcium depleted this little girl is.


Close up of Angel's feet.
This is Spice. You can’t tell from the angle but her top and bottom beak are both overgrown. The top beak so much so that it has grown into and split open the bottom beak. It is a miracle she can even eat. 

This is Rainbow, a 29 year old Catalina Macaw.

This is Ally. Her top beak is so overgrown that it has actually prevented her bottom beak to grow as normal. It is either broken off--- or at least “stunted” from growth. Again, How can this little girl still be alive? I dare say she wouldn't be alive much longer if we hadn't intervened.

The pictures below show the filth and devastation that these birds were living in. It was much worse that the pictures show because at least with the pictures, you see “light”. These birds were living in total darkness. Also keep in mind that in these pictures you aren't seeing the cockroaches scatter as you move around. This is indeed a “censored” version of what was seen that day. 


Bird Haven PO Box 182 Red Oak, TX 75154

Thank you for caring and for helping!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tiptoo's Newspaper

So who is Tiptoo and why does he have a Newspaper? 

It just so happens that Tiptoo is a Grey Parrot featured in an old book of short stories, “Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories”.  Marcia has had this book for a very long time, the book originally belonged to Marcia's Mother. The book has no copywrite date in it, (the page may have been lost) you can tell it is VERY OLD!  My guess would be the early 1900’s.  The publisher is McLoughlin Brothers, Inc.  We search on the internet for any information and did not find a thing! We did learn the publisher went out of business in 1920. 

The other day, Marcia was dusting shelves and noticed the book in disarray.  She carefully picked it up and started turning the very old and tattered pages when all of a sudden she found an illustration of a parrot perched on a ladies shoulder!  She looked closer and WOW! It was a Grey Parrot!  Just like me!!! She had read the book as a child, but never remembered this story!  It is a fictional story about a very clever Grey Parrot and his canine friend, named Tramp. Tramp was not available to go to the store one day to buy a newspaper, so Tiptoo did the job for him!  It clearly demonstrates how smart we are and how parrots have been loved and kept as companions for hundreds of years!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.