Friday, September 30, 2011

Einstein and the Great State Fair of Texas

Today is Opening Day at the State Fair of Texas!  If you’re planning to go, be sure and check out the Creative Arts Contests because a portrait of YOURS TRULY has won FIRST PLACE!!!

Dallas has been home to the State Fair since 1886 and it is the largest state fair in the United State by annual attendance.  People come from everywhere to just have a great time!  I am so excited to be a part of this years fair, even if it is in a small way! 

First, a little background information- Earlier in the year Jeff was talking to a friend at work and this friend mentioned his son is a talented young artist and is interested in drawing birds.  He asked Jeff if he had any pictures of Einstein that his son could take a look at and possibly use to create a drawing.  “We only have about a MILLION!!!”, Jeff said!  Jeff took a few favorite pictures to work with him and one was chosen by Hunter, the young artist.  Marcia knew nothing about this as Jeff wanted to surprise Marcia for her Birthday in June with the completed work.  One day, Marcia had been working around the house when Hunter, his mom, and Jeff surprised Marcia with the completed masterpiece!  WOW!  What a surprise!

Marcia, Hunter, & Me

It was VERY GOOD!  So good in fact, that Hunter’s art teacher thought it should be entered in the 2011 Texas State Fair!!!  So off it went to be framed and judged as we waited and waited for a decision.

On September 4th we got the Good News!
Hunter’s drawing won FIRST PLACE!

Hunter, Thank You! for your Amazing Talent! 
Jeff, Thank You! for giving Marcia one of the Best Birthday gifts EVER!!!!!!

Marcia and Jeff went to the State Fair to view the portrait on display, with the winning Blue Ribbon!

I'm so proud of Hunter and the good job he did! I learned to say "Blue Ribbon!"
Watch the video!


Unknown said...

Congratulations! That is a wonderful portrait--can you post a bigger version? Nice work, Hunter. I hope you continue to hone your artistic skills.

Einstein Parrot said...
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Julia Takagi said...

Totally awesome !!! Makes me want to paint again !!!

Unknown said...

You should make DVDs of Einstein for other birds to watch on TV. You know, of him talking and playing and just having fun. I would buy one.

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