Sunday, March 21, 2010

"How Many Parrots Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?"

Eclectus: Change a lightbulb? Leave me alone, I'm busy foraging. On second thought, will I get a treat for it?
African Grey: I'm way over qualified for that job and I'm busy inventing a new lighting source but I guess I could at least supervise the stupid Amazon in the next cage.
Parrotlet: Who's scared of the dark? I'm not scared of anything. But to answer your question, just one if it's a parrotlet, I can do anything.
Hey, who called me short stuff!
DY Amazon: Let that arrogant African Grey over there do it if he's so darn smart!
Quaker: Can I rearrange the furniture and the light fixtures first? Don't you people know anything about interior design?
Caique: And why would I want to do that? Lightbulbs look like they would be much more fun to tumble with.
Umbrella Cockatoo: Duh, it only takes one Umbie to change a lightbulb, don't you know we are mechanically inclined?
We can do anything but you gotta watch me, come on now, watch me, watch me.
Cockatiel: I'll do it but only if I can whistle while I work.
Rose Breasted Cockatoo: Let that big brute macaw do it! I'll be so glad when the light's are back on and everyone can clearly see how pretty I am.
Macaw: Darn, I don't know my own strength. Do you have another one?

Thanks to my friend Deb who let me post this! I buy toys and other parrot stuff from her and you should too! Check it out!!!!!