Friday, January 9, 2015

Einstein's Sex Change!

I'm a Boy!

For 17 1/2 years, my humans "thought" I was a girl!  They thought this because my very first veterinarian told them. He told them, my head shape was round, indicative to a female. Males are known to have more of a square shaped head. He said that my vent area also indicated I was a female. The fact that I am closely bonded to Jeff was another indication that I was a female.  Marcia later read an article about feather coloration. Since my tail feathers have a hint of grey and I have three bands of grey on the underside of my wings she was convinced I was female.

All these years it really didn't make a difference to my humans if I were a male or female, so they just never got me tested. I'm 17 going on 18! I've not laid an egg! That's a fact that might need to be explored! Don't you think?  

Sexual maturity for an African Grey is about 6-7 years, although it can happen earlier, and I've heard of some producing their first egg in their 20's. So, my humans became concerned that the possibility of egg binding might be concerning enough to have me DNA sexed.

Worry no more! I'm a boy!

What should you take away from this story? Have your parrot DNA sexed! The earlier the better and don't rely on myths and unscientific observations.

I think this is very funny! :> It's going to take Marcia and Jeff years to wrap their heads around this revelation!   I have a feeling they will continue to call me a "her" or a "she" around the house for a long time! 

One thing is for sure... I'll always be a "GOOD GIRRRRRL!"

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