Sunday, February 27, 2011

How did you train Einstein to Talk?

Last Summer Barbara Heidenreich came to visit me again!!!  This time she brought a bunch of people with BIG cameras and all kinds of movie equipment.  It was a really fun day and believe it or not, I was not scared!  I talked for all the visitors and had the best time!

So what was the reason for this visit?  Well, so many of you have asked, “How do you train Einstein to talk?” and many of you have requested a talking CD of Einstein! Barbara Heidenreich of Good Bird Inc. has just released a fantastic DVD and CD ROM combination set entitled, “Train Your Parrot To Talk”.

In the DVD, Barbara explains several ways to expose your parrot to sounds you want them to repeat, methods for encouraging your parrot to talk, and teaching them to talk on cue. She also talks about the myths associated with talking parrots and discusses which birds are candidates for talking.

The 45 minute DVD also includes a 15 minute interview with my humans, Jeff and Marcia, with entertaining footage of me talking and a CD ROM to play for your parrots!

Jeff and Marcia share many stories about me on the DVD.
• The time I said my first word.
• The many ways I learn new words.
• The story about imitating the security door alarm.
• My Mirror Friend.
You’ll also see me perched on the shower asking Jeff to make animal sounds! I've really got him trained!!!

And there's MORE!!!
The CD ROM is 2 hours of many different species of parrots vocalizing 1000’s of words and sounds! Very entertaining for humans and parrots alike!!! Included is 8 minutes of Non-stop Einstein talk!!!

Here is a “Behind the scenes” video and you can see for yourself  how much fun we had the day of the filming!

Visit Good Bird Inc. to order! Barbara is offering a very special 10% off to all of my friends!!! The discount is good for all of Good Bird products!  Just enter “Einstein” in the Special Code box when you check out.