Monday, June 6, 2011

Road Trip - Memorial Day 2011

♫ ♪ ♫ On the Road Again!  ♫ ♪ ♫  
Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Back to my favorite destination, Marble Falls, Texas! Right in the heart of Texas!  ( Click here to read about a previous Road Trip I took to this area.)
This time... I got to stay in the La Quinta Hotel!

We arrived and got used to the accommodations!  Very Nice Room!  Love the art work and soft beds, but actually I prefer my perch and the "Art" I make on the floor when I eat!  I slept in my travel cage, but Jeff had to put it on the desk. It was more sturdy than the bed and I slept very well!

Nice TV too!  Can we take this one home?

This is the kitchen!  Small, but adequate.  Microwave, sink, and refrigerator!  That's all Marcia needs!  See my Sprout container?  I brought it so I could have fresh sprouts with my meals!

Here I am by the window on my perch.  There was a lovely view of Lake Marble Falls.  Also, a nice balcony, but I didn't have a chance to go out there.  We were too busy because...

we were in Marble Falls for a very special Birthday Party! My Cousin "P"'s 2nd Birthday Party! The Party was about to begin! So we better go!  Weeeeeeeeee!   Party! Party! Party!

The party was being held at my Uncle's Lake house on Lake LBJ.  I've been there many times before.  I call him my, "Gunkle Mark!"  Here is a video of me talking about him!

Marcia and Jeff loaded up all my stuff and headed to the Lake House.  It took them about 2 trips each time.  Jeff carried the perch and packed it in the car, Marcia carried the box of stuff I needed.  Then they came back for me in my cage and other stuff they needed.  It was very much like traveling with a baby, only worse!  I think I require more stuff!!! (They did this several times over the course of the weekend!  They got a good work out!  Ha! It's so much fun watching them work on my behalf!)

Here I am at the Lake House all set up on my perch.  The party had started!

There were 28 adults, 11 kids of all ages, and my dog cousin, Harley. Harley is a cute Jack Russell Terrier.  Harley and I had to be kept apart. I liked all the people and they liked me.  Marcia and Jeff kept a close eye on me and made me feel safe around so many people.  I must say, all those people made a lot more noise than me!!!  Whew! Give me some peace and quiet!

My new cousins are so cute!!!  Actually, "P" is my 1st cousin , once removed.  "P" is the daughter of my cousin, "K".  (Aren't you glad you know that!)  This is also the first time I got to meet "P" and her new brother "D"!  Family!  Gotta Love it!!! Both of them are as cute as Buttons!!!!

Birthday Girl!  Ms. "P"
Master "D"

After a while, all the humans went down to the water and I had a chance to catch up on current events and watch some TV.

My favorite place was on the patio, visiting with all my friends and family!  The weather was nice, windy at times, but the nice breeze kept it cool and the mosquitoes away!  I must have gone out onto the patio 4 or 5 times over the weekend! 

Oh! I almost forgot!  There were a few other guests at the party!  Some kind of bird built a mud nest on the front porch of the house!  The eggs must of just hatched!  Here is a picture of the nest full of babies!!!

 That night we pack my stuff up and headed back to the hotel.  Here I am perched on the shower rod waiting for one of my humans to take a shower.

While at the hotel I met a nice dog who was staying in the room next door.  Her name was "Sophie" and she was a Yorkie.  She heard us every night when we can into our room. We could hear her as she would welcome us by saying, "Yap, Yap, yap, yap!"  Then she would be quiet!  Nice doggie!

The next morning, we packed up again for another day at the Lake.  While Marcia and Jeff got things packed, I perched on the shower rod and talked.

It was a fun trip and in case you are wondering... NO! I did not destroy anything in the hotel room and NO! I did not steal a towel!

It was good to be home again!

Wishing all of you safe travels!  Maybe I'll see ya on the road sometime!


chihuahuabulldog said...

Einstein I enjoyed hearing about your trip. You were such a good girl not to steal a towel, or destroy anything. I'm glad you know about what a 2nd cousin is. So many people get that all mixed up, but then you are so much smarter than people. I hope we see you on the road sometime. Thank you for the videos. Daisy, Auntie Ann's doggie

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Einstein what a fabulous trip you had with Jeff and Marcia! What fun. You have amazing human's that take you on their trips. Lucky birdie you definately are! So exciting you got to see your new baby 2nd cousin and to Party Party Party. You're such a good parrot and so well behaved! I bet you can stay at the LaQuinta anytime your humans do. Thanks for not taking any towels. I know you could cause you are so smart and have excellent stealth. Jeff can attest to that with his cupholder lid! Smartypants!! Great pictures too. I loved them. They helped tell the story of your trip. Your human's are very smart too. You have a very fortunate life Einstein! You lucky lucky SuperStar!! <3<3<3<3
Your loyal fan Louise

Julia Takagi said...

It's so wonderful to hear that you've had such a great trip. I enjoyed reading your Blog-entry. When Muu-chan is a little bit more "settled", we plan to take him along with us, too. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Einstein, we love watching your videos on youtube and have much enjoyed reading about your trip. We are not quite so well-behaved as you are, so we don't get to go on trips but our humans take good care of us, too. Greetings, chirps and squawks from two cockatiels and two conures

Karyn Hatch said...

cute post!