Monday, June 27, 2011

My 14th Hatchday Celebration!

Humans are "Birthed" or "Born" so they have "Birthdays".  Not so for the birds!  We are "Hatched" and therefore, we have "Hatchdays!"  I was hatched on June 15, 1997.  I've been to some human Birthday Parties and they have been a lot of fun! Lots of fun things to eat and lots of people celebrating!  I've never had a big Hatchday celebration.  Until this year!!!

Every party needs a theme.  You all know how much I LOVE Corn!  So Corn was the theme and we had LOTS of it!!!

What’s the deal with all this Corn Talk?

Actually "Corn" is a word that I use instead of  "Food".  It was the first “food” word I learned, all food was called "corn" when I first started talking.  It wasn't till later that I learned other food words, like "sweet potato".  However, I continue to use "Corn" as my word of choice when I am being served my meals.  When I first learned "corn", I said it so much that a two young neighbor girls took a pottery class in 1999 and made me a plate!!!  

To this day I still cherish this plate from my friends "Katie" and "Kelly". ♥

The party was posted on Facebook and quite a few people stuck their faces in to see what was going on!  Marcia made 6 videos and you can see the whole party in its entirety on the Event Page.

If you are more included to watch shorter, more condensed versions, then YouTube is probably what you will want to watch.  I call it My Hatchday Trilogy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For the record, nothing went to waist.  Marcia ate most of the popcorn that day!  The 14 ears of corn were cooked and put in the freezer for later, and the cornbread cut up into smaller servings and frozen too!  

It must of been the best Hatchday ever!!! I had so much fun!!! Thanks to all of my Facebook Fans who participated and came to watch! 


Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

i love watching your sweetheart! :) My grey "Pearl" is learning something new everyday! ;)
such joy!!

Penguin said...

I officially want an "Eat Your Corn" plate.

Julia Takagi said...


And thanks for sharing your party-fun with us here...