Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Color My World!

A friend is doing a school science project, and asked me to help. I love science! (After all my name is Einstein!!!)

She is trying to determine if parrots prefer a certain colors over other colors.  She asked me these questions.

1. Do I have a favorite color? Green.
I can say green and salad is green. I love to eat salad! Most vegetables are green.

2. Do I prefer to play with toys of a certain color?
My favorite toy is a bell. They are shiny and usually silver.

3. Do I eat food pellets that are a certain color?
My pellet parrot food is all one color. It is natural yellow sort of color. I used to eat colored pellets many years ago and the color I preferred was… Green!!!

I can say Green, Red, Orange, and Purple. Green was the first color word I learned.

Marcia decided to do an experiment with me. Watch!

The results: Green was chosen first, followed by Orange, Red, and Purple. (These are all words that I can say. However, I do not say them when they are shown to me.) Yellow and Blue were last. (Words I have not learned to say.)

Now, this was not a very scientific study. Marcia tried to repeat the experiment, but I was not in the mood. You know… Scientists are very temperamental!

I hope this helps my friend and gets an A+ on her project!!!

Update of the school science fair project: 5/11/2011
My friend won first place and got a Blue Ribbon! YAY!!!!  WAY TO GO!!!  CONGRATS!!!!

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Penguin said...

So green is your favorite color, and corn is green on the outside. Coincidence? I think not! :P