Sunday, March 21, 2010

"How Many Parrots Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?"

Eclectus: Change a lightbulb? Leave me alone, I'm busy foraging. On second thought, will I get a treat for it?
African Grey: I'm way over qualified for that job and I'm busy inventing a new lighting source but I guess I could at least supervise the stupid Amazon in the next cage.
Parrotlet: Who's scared of the dark? I'm not scared of anything. But to answer your question, just one if it's a parrotlet, I can do anything.
Hey, who called me short stuff!
DY Amazon: Let that arrogant African Grey over there do it if he's so darn smart!
Quaker: Can I rearrange the furniture and the light fixtures first? Don't you people know anything about interior design?
Caique: And why would I want to do that? Lightbulbs look like they would be much more fun to tumble with.
Umbrella Cockatoo: Duh, it only takes one Umbie to change a lightbulb, don't you know we are mechanically inclined?
We can do anything but you gotta watch me, come on now, watch me, watch me.
Cockatiel: I'll do it but only if I can whistle while I work.
Rose Breasted Cockatoo: Let that big brute macaw do it! I'll be so glad when the light's are back on and everyone can clearly see how pretty I am.
Macaw: Darn, I don't know my own strength. Do you have another one?

Thanks to my friend Deb who let me post this! I buy toys and other parrot stuff from her and you should too! Check it out!!!!!


TS Hendrik said...

That is hilarious.

zees5 said...

Too funny!!! I really want to adopt an African Grey or an Eclectus. Your blog is great and Einstein is obviously well loved by you! Thanks for sharing her with all of us. My children just love watching her! (: ~Page

Joe said...

My side hurts from laughing. This post is quite comical. I have an African Grey and this post encapsulates their attitude. Of course, they are among the smartest of parrots and definitely the best talkers. My Grey talks all the time. When I bought him a new birdcage from Cages By Design I kept asking him if he liked his new parrot cage and he always said he did =). I know I am beyond pleased with the quality of these bird cages. And when I hear my parrot telling me he likes his home, it makes me feel great about my product choice. I love opinionated parrots!

chihuahuabulldog said...

This is so cute!!