Friday, December 25, 2009

My First White Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I live in Texas, and it doesn't snow very much. It never snows on Christmas! However, this year it did! This was the first time the Dallas/Fort Worth area had a White Christmas in 80 years!!! Yippee! It was so fun to watch! Really different! I wish I could go out and play, but it's too cold!!!


Patricia Sund said...

Don't worry "E!" It'll warm up before you know it. Parker and Pepper are cold down here in Florida too! Enjoy the warmth of the house, and snuggle with your family. Have some soup, watch a training video and lounge around watching the temperature drop, the snow fall and the knowledge that you are in a home where you are loved.

Anonymous said...

Hi, im new here. This site's great, ive learned loads from it already!

Aion said...

Hi Einstein! Just "flew" in to visit your blog and LOVE IT! I think I'll be hanging around with you for a while if you don't mind?!


Tiki said...

Man, you're so lucky. It doesn't snow where I live, and I've lived here for 4 years! Ok, maybe not as much as you, but it seems much longer when you have a parakeet yapping in your ear.

Barb in Ohio said...

The whole country has gotten snow! But we'll's only a couple of weeks till spring. That picture of Einstein by the window, looking out at the snow, is gorgeous. She's a beauty.