Friday, May 9, 2008

Einstein's Tribute to Mother's Day

Mother's are truly wonderful!

I didn't get to know my Mother very well because I was taken from her at a very early age so that I would form a bond with humans. What I do know is that her name was "Smokey", she was a very good talker and very beautiful. She was a television star too! She was in the "Salty Dog" episode of the children's television series Wishbone.  You can watch the show on YouTube. (Be sure and watch part 1 and 2)

She mostly rode around on the shoulder of a pirate.
She did a great job! Yea! MOM!

"Captain Flint", played by Smokey the Parrot on the shoulder of
"Long John Silver", played by actor, Sean Hennigan.
I don't call Marcia "Mom", because she's not my Mom. She's my human! She certainly didn't HATCH me!!! Just the mental picture of that makes me laugh hysterically!!!!!
She does take good care of me, and for that, I am very grateful! So, there needs to be a Happy Human's Day! For all those humans who take care of all the pets in the world!

In closing this tribute to Mom's everywhere, I'd like you to listen to a broadcast NPR did a few years ago titled,
"My Mother, My Parrot".
It's very touching and you might need a tissue. (Marcia did!)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that made me tear up. Lovely story, thanks for linking to it.

Anonymous said...


This was so heart-warming. Thank you for sharing it.

Chico's Human