Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Samantha's 2nd Birthday Party

Samantha is my favorite little human. She comes over and visits me when she visits her GiGi and Pappa. I'm teaching her how to talk. Right now, I talk better than she can! Marcia and Jeff were invited to her 2nd Birthday Party the other day. From what I understand everyone had a great time.

The Cake was Tasty!

Samantha got A LOT of New Toys! Oh! I Love Toys TOO! Can we play????

I couldn't come to the party, but I was able to be seen and heard via the computer! Everyone enjoyed visiting my website at the party. There were many other boys and girls at the party! I made them all laugh while watching my movies!

Frisco was at the party!

Frisco belongs to Samantha's GiGi and Pappa. He is a sweet dog and Marcia LOVES Frisco! GiGi and Pappa used to bird sit me before they got Frisco. Now they don't because Frisco would like to have me for lunch! Frisco is a Coastal Waterfowl Herding Dog. I'm not a Coastal Waterfowl, but Frisco thinks I am! So I stay in my cage when Frisco comes to visit!!!!
Another reason... I was not at the party!!!!



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