Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Good Morning Texas!

On February 18, 2016 I was invited by The Wings of Love Bird Haven to appear with them on the morning TV show, Good Morning Texas! It was a wonderful and fun experience! The purpose of the segment was to tell folks about about The Haven and all the good parrot rescue work they do! The 5 minute segment can be viewed here.

Waiting in the Green Room at WFAA Studios in Dallas. Marcia with De and Lou and the birds from The Wings of Love. Hatch the Blue and Gold Macaw, Baby Girl the Umbrella Cockatoo, Max the Eclectus. Tessa the Myers Parrot was there too!

In the studio, I suffered from a case of “stage fright”, actually I was being polite, allowing the professionals do the talking. Max the Eclectus did most of the talking! He felt right at home with Carrie the host. It was indeed a Love Connection!

Max ❤️ Carrie

It often takes me time to get familiar with a new environment before I feel comfortable enough to talk. In the studio there were lots of big cameras, people moving quickly, loud sounds, bright lights!  It was like a Big Party!

Getting set up in the studio
Getting used to my new surroundings!
Marcia comforted me.
Getting ready for my close up!
Towards the end of the show, as I was perched for my close up. I said, "Talk to me" and several people ran over to put microphones up to me. They tried desperately to get me to talk. My shyness over took me again, it wasn't going to happen! Watch these clips from the show that didn't get included in the segment.  Towards the end, you'll see the host commenting about it. (Sorry about the poor quality of the tape.)  You'll also see the how much fun the hosts had with all the birds!

Being a flirt with Jane McGarry and Shannon Hart!

I liked Larry's head set!

The STARS of the show! 

Hatch the Blue and Gold Macaw, Carrie McClure holding Max the Eclectus. Lou holding Baby Girl the Cockatoo, and De the director of Wings of Love Bird Haven.

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